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NOW LEASING FOR FALL 2020! CALL US TODAY! 270-746-9519 | Tips for staying motivated!
With the end of the semester creeping up, course work may be starting to pill up. To end the semester on a positive note, below are some tips to stay motivated during crunch time! 
1.    Remind yourself of your goals. 
You can write down your goals in a journal, and reflect over those goals each morning with a cup of tea or coffee. 
2.    Give yourself something to be excited about EVERYDAY. 
Instead of going back to your apartment or the library to study, plan a study date at your favorite coffee shop.
3.    Make a schedule for your tasks and stick to that schedule. 
A good way to keep a schedule is to write down what needs to be done each day in a planner. It feels great to mark off each task as they are getting accomplished. 
4.    Reward Yourself.
When you have completed all of your tasks for the day, makes plans to see a movie with your friends or do something that is fun for you. 
5.    Get Enough Sleep.
Getting is enough sleep is crucial to your brain function and mental health. Staying up late to crunch for your exam in the morning, is not always the best. You will be more likely to remember the material for the exam with a good night sleep.