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Who else can believe that 2018 is turning in to 2019 so quickly?! Where did the year go right?! Everyone always says, "New Year & New You!" It doesn't always mean making crazy changes but bringing in the new year can mean changing how you focus! For the new year we bring challenge to you to make a vision board. Vision boards are often called dream boards as well! Below is the best approach we have found to helping you create your vision board.

First thing, you need to truly understand the meaning and purpose behind a vision board. If you think you can just put a bunch of pictures on a poster board... WRONG! You should be choosing the pictures and words for the vision board intentionally, and understand that you have to put in work in order for the vision board to succeed. The vision board is not magic alone, but with the right mindset and ambition, the results can be awesome!

You must reflect on the current year. Find out what worked. Find out what didn't work. Write down your bucket list. Gather your materials. Make it uniquely you!

Make sure that daily you look at your board. Spend time tweaking your board monthly even if needed. Visualize all the changes coming your way from your hard work you are putting in to reach all of these dreams/visions!

We hope that 2019 brings you all the happiness, success, and blessings you are hoping for! HAPPY NEW YEAR!